Searching for solutions in other sectors. That is the bottom line of “borderling”. If you implement solutions from outside your sector, your company doesn’t have to reinvent hot water. Maybe the pattern dentists use to polish teeth is applicable for the steel industry too?

You are not the only one in the world trying to solve a specific problem. The competition is also implementing all methods like Lean and 6 sigma and they work with the same suppliers of machines and raw materials. Bordeling. Dare to think outside the sector, is an accessible roman that shows you how to find the improvement that makes the difference with known solutions. You’ll be able to jump further than before if you apply the systematical techniques describes in this book.

Borderling is build like a novel and tells the story of a young process engineer, called Regine. She encounters several restrictions during her search for company improvements. After taking a course, she fully experiences the solving power of function modeling and ISA (Idea Sensitive Area’s) implemented in time studies. She pushes the company to a next level of maturity, supported by understanding the meaning of foreground, legates and parentification.  This book allows the reader to think of technological improvements, without passing the necessary psychological insights.  To order this book online : Lannoo – Grenzeling