Own Developments

Own developments

P41 actively develops in several scientific domains, like TRIZ. Every day new ideas and concepts are challenged and what remains is moulded into sets of unique tools we use to innovate companies in structured ways.

P41 strives to converge the different flows within TRIZ and standardises the common language. Some examples:

The 40 inventive principles, compared and re-interpreted

The 40 inventive principles, rewritten with uniform language

Degrees of invention

P41 also develops methodologies and visualisations, inspired by TRIZ.

Function-Modelling: expanded and exploited

Function-Thinking, new approach for process innovation

Flow induction, convergence due 5S & TRIZ

Abstraction of TRIZ, situated within the I-knowledge space

Function Value map, new tool for business engineering

Dan Keldsen & Ives De Saeger – Innovation Insights