Su-Field Modelling

Substance-Field (Su-field) Modeling

Every system’s part can be represented as a set of substance components interacting via physical fields.
The Basic Substance-Field System Model  (also know as SFM, S-Field, Su-field or Ve-pol) consist of three components, which form a minimal (molecular) model of a technical system. Usually we speak of 2 substances (tool and product) and a field ( mechanical, acoustic, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, informational, biological).

These models can then be compared to the 76 inventive standards to find appropriate solutions. Do scan entire groups of standards which are relevant to your problem model to roadmap possible solutions.  For more information on Su-field analysis we refer to our blog. Additional insights on the 76 inventive standards can be found on the dedicated page on our site and also on our blog.