Laws & Trends

Laws & Trends

All products, all processes and all techniscal systems evolve in time. Evolution is of vital importance, since it is linked to higher effiency and better products. TRIZ researchers have analysed the technological evolution and unveiled generic trends and patterns of this evolution.

TRIZ allows us to predict how all products and industries will evolve. By means of the trends we can foresee the new markets and new products. The trends of evolution draw maps of the directions of the system evolving.

TRIZ trends are based on the concept of ideality. The features of ideal products are met at the end of the evolution curve. All phases between current functions and ideal properties are stages of evolution.

According to Altshuller, there are 9 general trends for all technical systems on their way to ideality:

1. Trend of system completeness

2. Trend of energy conductivity increase

3. Trend of rythm coordination

4. Trend degree of ideality increase

5. Trend of uneven evolution of parts

6. Trend of supersystem completeness

7. Dynamization

8. Trend of transition to micro-level

9. Trend increase of material field interaction

The trends are used to predict and trace errors for further development and evolution of technological systems.

P41 also develops insights in this field, like the degree of automation