Coaching & Training

Coaching & training

What to expect during our courses?

All trainers from the P41 network will accentuate the dis-& advantages of the presented techniques! We will not “sell” methodologies. P41 strives to show the “pure” technique as quickly as possible without a history lesson, to much side information or cumbersome introductions.

From our experience, we know that to obtain success, you need 3 independent pillars: people skills, project management and proven methodologies. Whichever technique you use, will not bring you any progress, without support from the individual. So when presenting a new ‘solution’, one needs to have social skills, insight in psychology and group dynamics. That doesn’t imply that our courses get too tedious by importing people- and project management skills.

During our open or your in-house training, we show you how to come up with realistic alternatives. Aside from world-wide known approaches, techniques and applications, we stimulate you to find innovative methods yourself. This leads to break-through on workstations, tooling, products, …

Our trainers have years of hands-on experience with the presented course material. For example, in the field of TRIZ, P41 has been actively developping tools for the past 15 years and some courses are given by Valeri Souchkov, renowed co-founder and boardmember of ETRIA (European Triz Association).


The trainer provokes interaction, open discussions, individual exercises and group projects. Participants are motivated to bring their own cases, during every module of the course. In that way the theory can be underbuild with practice.

By stimulating all participants to stand out, everybody learns from these interactions. This is also a great way to network in and outside your own sector.

All our trainings have a certain degree of open-mindness. Our goal is to broaden the view of the participants and guide them towards new creative routes. In the end, creativity is a mere attitude. Eli Goldratt said “nodbody limits us but ourselves”.


We offer trainings in a broad range of fields. Industrial Engineering, Business & Management, People Skills, Creativity, … and also very specific courses, like TRIZ, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Time study, functional safety, …