Time Study

Time Study

Time study is a technique to determine the time necessary to perform a certain task (work analysis). Companies want to maximise their efficiency by activating the right labour (man&machine capacity) to assemble of change products. Hence the necessity of having correct times to calculate productivity (creation of standards), costs, planning, synthetic designs, line-balancing, …

P41 not only sees time study as merely a quantitative method, but also addresses time study results to develop dramatic improvements or innovations!

Time Study Projects:

Time study is quite labor intensif, so it is necessary to evaluate which technique is most suited for the problem at hand. P41 can investigate and prepare cost-overviews for which method or system would be most appropiate for your company. We deliver an overview/presentation of all known time study technique which are applicable for your production environment.

If your company only uses time study on very irregular basis or you don’t have the necessary competences, we advise you to leave the analysis to real experts. P41 can support you by offering experts trained in prerendered times at tempo 100 B.S.I. (MTM1- MTM2 – MTM SD – UAS – SAM) and others.

In-house training:

P41 also provides training in the discussed time study techniques. Not only we show how to perform such an analysis, but we also teach how to draw function value maps, qualitative techniques which can be the roadmap for innovation purposes. These trainings are for everybody who wants to engage themselves for production improvements and who want to learn how to perform time studies.

Research & Development:

P41 has developed its own methodology to quickly analyse processes. P41 is actively developping a new technology with the help of dedicated software development.