Learn about time, error and flow before applying i4.0.

Making the bridge between management thinking and technology solutions quicker using quality, time (MTM) and throughput study.


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Utilize over 25 years of experience with our team! Doing time study, analyse errors to find technology to decrease them. Utilise throughput solutions to visualise flow.

We work faster than any consultancy firm because of our own quick methods. Straight to the point!

We transfer knowledge and skills to your teams and follow up every day after a project! Check out our trainingsprograms at different institutes.

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“Ives is the Jonah type in the book The Goal of Eli Goldratt. He consistently moves you towards a process of thinking that leads to innovation or doing things in a way that leads to results. His pragmatic way of thinking challenges you to improve yourself and find a way or solutions to problem solving or doing things differently.” Alex Laureyns, director at RAL

“It is a pleasure to discuss with Ives the challenges and opportunities in industrial engineering. You simply forget time. Although Ives masters the standard tools in industrial engineering, he looks with a much wider perspective to the future of the business. He is a great partner to work together with.” Eddy Van der Straeten, Senior Advanced Engineering Manager at Adient

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About p41

Start implementing the technologies that are out there in your company

If your company is not taking advantage of the available technologies, then it’s time to change that now.

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of (industrial) businesses are lagging behind in the application of the newest technologies, which results in a competitive disadvantage.

Both incremental and fundamental improvements can be made through the application of new technologies.

The collective name of these technologies I’m referring to? Industry 4.0.

It is my expertise to consult companies in the implementation of the technologies that industry 4.0 has to offer.

Still have no idea what I’m talking about? Check out the Academy sessions for free.

Using time study, error quality analysis en throughput to visualise flow, direct results can be obtained.

Many companies require to set the basics right first for cycle time, flow and quality.

My clients generally see a 10x ROI whenever they work with me. We provide efficiency-improvement of 30% within 3 months with a ROI of less than one year. Also check out our i4.0 scan!

Once we know where the money is going to smart investments can be made in the following solutions.

Examples are Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cobots, Robotic Process Automation , we help you implement them to improve your speed

So, if you’re the CXO of a company facing problems with the implementation of new technologies let’s chat. My team at P41 and I are eager to lend a helping hand.

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“Grenzeling, buiten de sector denken” Lannoo Campus 2009 is about transferring technology from other sectors


“De Puberende Leider” Lannoo Campus 2017 is about redefining quality & knowledge in a company.