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To fully exploit Industry 4.0 is is necessary to get to the bottom of some principles such as quality, time and flow. See below the possibilities to follow courses with several institutes or book me for a in-house company project. It is useful to follow time study, quality techniques, socio-technical flow techniques to reach solutions for Industry 4.0.



1. Grow your company

We help with choices on industry 4.0. From defining business case or model to analysing most important value verbs for you or your customer,  to defining what technology to invest in, select and get subsidies.



2. Create a industry 4.0 scan or roadmap

Make a scan of your company to check which directions can be meaningful to utilise industry 4.0 solutions and customer experience. From this scan or a deeper project a roadmap can be defined which contains how to proceed for the next 3 years.



3. Learn & apply i4.0

During one of the practical workshops inhouse, all the aspects of industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing will be discussed. Subsidies are possible depending on sector. Check out our current providers such as VOM, Allanta, Vormetal, Amelior, Lumeron. Check out the possibilities in view all courses.



4. Get inspired with keynote

Get inspired by a keynote on industry 4.0 and talk to some startups and scaleups to check out what they could mean for you or what you would need to work with them in the range of cobot, artificial intelligence, iot, sales automation, RPA, ….

Different workshops we can offer.

Time & method study MTM-UAS

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Conference on Business Triz 26 & 27 Feb 2021

One of the key skills of management professions in today’s world is […]

SMED. From theory to practice i4.0

Enrollment and Payment via Price only for Agoria members. Give me a call to check out other subsidairies.
This course gives an in depth and practical view on how to implement 5S and save money!