This course will be given through actual training session live (3 days) or by means of zoom sessions (7 sessions of 1,5h). Please contact us to get more information. Other predetermined methods can also be provided such as V-rex, SAM,..

This course introduces you to MTM-UAS time study.

This technique helps to quantify your process over time at a very detailed level. Drawing up a function value map also works with this: by converting time into money and considering the different technologies in your company critically, you will quickly come up with improvement proposals that do not always have to cost a lot.

The course is aimed at production managers, labor experts, industrial engineers, method engineers, operational managers, department managers, engineers …

Objective At the end of the course you are able to code your own process in time study and you can draw up an FVM of that process independently or in team. This is checked by means of an exam at the end part 5. On the basis of theory in combination with concrete exercises you will be guided through the time study technique. You will be asked to prepare a proprietary case. This exercise is discussed in class. A Function Value Map is drawn up for this exercise in the course. The trainer strives for interaction and active application of the techniques.

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