Logical definition of process innovation

Logical definition of process innovation

Rather a short blog on process innovation in a series of blogs about industry 4.0.

Process innovation contains the words process and innovation.

process is a set of activities, which transforms input elements into output elements. or a process (labour) is a set of activities changing the characteristics (parameters) of the system (state) until ending in a new (dynamic) equilibrium (end state). This is done because the result (end state of the system) is desired and delivers greater value (more ideal). A process ends in a product (tangible) or service (intangible) with changed parameters.

Innovation is an invention which has been implemented for the desired result such as for economical, social, safety or environmental reasons.

An invention is a validated creation. An invention generates a increase of validated knowledge.

Validation refers to feasibility, repeatability and predictability. (e.g. science).

creation is a representation (through either oral (acoustic), visual (text or drawing), olfactory, kinetic or gustatory ways) of a possibility (which can be either of direction, concept or idea) derived through thought.

So process innovation is an implementation of a validated creation of another way to transform the characteristics (parameters) of the system elements into a desired state resulting in increased value.

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