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Insight in time is insight in work (introductory version)

Ives De Saeger

For the past two decades, Ives has specialized in process innovation. Ives is the founder of Arkite NV, a well-known TRIZ researcher and the author of "Grenzeling, Think Outside the Sector" a business novel. Today he helps company making Industry 4.0 easy.

Course Overview

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This course introduces you to time study. Further study (full course) is advised to follow.

This technique helps to quantify your process in time at a very detailed level. Drawing up a function value map (FVM) further works with this: by converting time into money and critically examining the different technologies in your company, you quickly come up with improvement proposals that do not always have to cost a lot.

This time study FVM course is intended for students who have little or no knowledge of the technology. The student may have already acquired some theoretical knowledge in the literature, but in practice has no experience with time study or function value mapping.

The course is aimed at production managers, labor experts, industrial engineers, method engineers, operational managers, department managers, engineers … Objective

You will be asked to prepare a company case. This exercise is discussed in class. A Function Value Map of this exercise is drawn up in the course. The trainer strives for interaction and active application of the techniques.

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    • Overview of time study methods

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