Next we will try… and how long does it take?

Next we will try… and how long does it take?

It’s about time we discuss the huge changes in companies due to the coming of the next generation (alpha) and the new technologies they will bring with us.

Next we will try…

Some managers ask theirselves the question…“Maybe we should see if we can implement A.I. or I.O.T. in our company”.

Does that sound familiar? If you yourself or a manager within your company ever said that, be aware.
Starting from a technology and looking for an implementation is one of the most common mistakes I see.
Instead, start from an existing problem and reverse engineer from there.

When I talk about Industry 4.0, some people only see a collection of technologies.
“Which one should I use”, I get asked.

Step one is to understand your customer.

Spot room for improvement in product/process performance for your customer.

Industry 4.0 is not a collection of technologies to pick from.

It is a universal way to create value for customers.

How long does it take you to implement a new technology?

Increasing digital transformation goes hand in hand with an increasing speed of implementation. The next generation alpha will not wait years before you use their favorite tools and technologies! A funny video about this conflict is visible

The time of adoption for 50 million users went from 75 years all the way down to 35 days with the app angry birds.

Moreover, Pokémon Go managed to do it in 19 days!

If these technologies are being adapted by millions of people in a matter of days, why does it still take companies two years to implement new technologies?

This will be a serious challenge for many companies, so start right away!



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